As Ghanaian companies continue to invest into information communication technology (ICT) for strategic purposes, Boards and Senior Executives will be challenged to answer the question of “How do we ensure that our technology deployment is in line with organizational direction, ensure that business value is delivered and IT-related risks are mitigated?

IT governance is senior management’s ability to direct, measure and evaluate the use of an enterprise’s IT resources in support of the achievement of the organisation’s strategic goals. Leadership, organisational structure and processes are used to leverage IT resources to produce the information required and drive the alignment, delivery of value, management of risk, optimised use of resources, sustainability and the management of performance

IT Governance is presently the hottest topic in the world of business because of the impact IT has in the day to day running of a company. Organizations around the world as well as in Africa continue to make significant IT-enabled business investments to sustain, grow and transform critical areas of their organisations. They recognise the critical dependence of many business processes on IT, the need to keep up with ever changing trends and to comply with benefits of managing risk effectively, this makes IT Governance a critical topic which must become an essential element of planning and the building of corporate structures.

Participants and experts will have an opportunity to discuss IT Governance best practices and it benefits, look towards creating an African flavor of implementation and encourage capacity building amongst business leaders and managers.

Participants should leave the event feeling challenged, taking home valuable insights that will provide:

  • Top management with the direction and mandate for IT governance
  • All parties supporting the governance process to understand the business and IT objectives
  • Insights to manage communication and enable organizational and process changes
  • Understanding of IT governance frameworks and best practices to fit the business environment and culture.

ISACA Accra Chapter looks forward to joining Corporate Africa to chalk a historical milestone towards moving business operations in the country to higher heights.